Night prayer for December 28

God of my heart, one more day has come to an end and I approach You to thank You for taking care of me and protecting me throughout the day. Thank you because since I started until I finished, you gave me your sublime company to feel safe and loved.

I want to thank you. Despite my fatigue and fatigue, I feel very happy, because I feel that I was under your watch and your protection. I feel a great relief, Holy Father, to place myself next to my bed and thank you for the health with which you preserve me, knowing that many people do not have that grace.

I want to ask you to return to this moment constantly: that of kneeling in my room to communicate with you. Blessed God that tonight, you can take into consideration all the plans that I left unfinished, to resume them tomorrow with another spirit and with much more desire to be able to achieve them.

I beg your pardon, my God, if perhaps today I made some mistakes and failures that could offend my brothers, sorry if some actions did not please you and created instability in my emotions, if there were moments where doubt seized my mind and made me act against my convictions.

Divine Heavenly Father, I would like to be able to obtain your forgiveness and mercy so that I may have a peaceful rest and that I can replenish my strength. I am aware of all the bad things I did, I did at a time where I decided to let go of your hand, because I know that You never abandon us, we are the ones who decided to do it. Have mercy on me, my beloved Lord, and grant me the grace of night rest to revive my life.

Thank you, mighty God, because I felt that your hand was opening paths in the midst of difficulty, thank you because you do not allow me to remain alone fighting against the trials, thank you because you free me from evils and show me the path that best suits me.

I ask you to take from my room all the bad things that I could accumulate: worries, pains, sadness, and sorrows. Grant me the grace to have a placid rest and away from the disturbances of the enemy, that he cannot reign in my heart or my home.

My God, on this beautiful night, I thank you because I have the confidence that you are listening to my prayer, because I know that tomorrow there will be, for me, a day full of blessings and full of promises that I only have to take. Do not separate for a moment from me, I ask it from the bottom of my heart, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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