Night prayer for December 29

Blessed Heavenly Father, I thank you for the beautiful day that you gave me and now, that night is with us. I kneel before your presence to give you homage and adoration. Thank you, precious God, because your love is incomparable and because your spirit enveloped me during this day, preventing evil from taking hold of me.

Before asking or thanking You, I implore your forgiveness, Divine Father, forgiveness for the bad things that may be committed, for the thoughts of envy, suspicion, selfishness, or any other feeling that does not come from You. Sorry because I always make the same mistake and because whenever I try to correct myself, I show weakness again.

That is why, Lord, tonight, I ask you to cleanse my heart of all those guilt. I ask you to help me build a new me, with a much more helpful and much more humble soul. I ask you to remove from my mind, all worry and all sadness, to rest my head on my pillow, and be able to rest peacefully.

I also want to ask and thank for my family. I want to thank You because You keep us together, because You keep us healthy, because You put the food to share on our table and because You satisfy the hunger for You with Your word. Thank you, God, of love, because you show yourself as the main support at the moment of my weakness and my sadness.

I ask you for their works, for their labors, and their activities so that you grant them the blessing and that they are prosperous for the sustenance of their homes and their own families. Tonight, my Lord, stand in front of our house to be the protector and guardian of our lives.

Lord, I beg your help and your help to resolve this complex situation that fills me with concern. Today I could not do it because I did not have the firmness and the decision to choose the best opportunities. However, I do not despair because I know that I will be able to achieve it if I do not let go of your hand, if you walk with me and if you give me the wisdom to be able to carry out the best solutions.

Heavenly Father, I ask you with much faith and hope to grant me one more day of life to continue enjoying your love and your wonderful creation. Thank you for every moment that I was able to share and that I was able to experience. Thank you for all the beautiful blessings that you showered on me.

I thank you, Holy Father, because I know that you are listening to my prayer. Thank you because I know that your mercy has taken pity on me and that your immense goodness will grant me a new dawn, to be able to complete all that is pending on this day, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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