Night Prayer for December 30

Thank you, my Lord, because I have been able to reach the end of the day holding your hand. I feel very happy despite the darkness of the night, for being your son. Thank you that during the day you gave me many opportunities to become a better person and because, at all times, I tried to live according to your mandates.

Tonight I raise my prayer in the hope that it can be heard and taken into account. Dear God, I want to ask your forgiveness for all the acts that I could commit. Sorry because I forgot to thank you for all the good things that had been happening and sorry because, at some point of happiness, I thought that I had achieved my achievements only with my strength.

Thank you for helping me understand that I can have nothing if it is not your will, thank you because I can understand that my plans will not be carried out at the times that I want them, but at the times that you deem appropriate. Thank you, Divine Father, because you educate me according to your designs and for that righteousness that you claim in my life.

Today I approach You, Father of mercy, to thank You for my beautiful family, thank you for allowing them to arrive in health and to meet again at home. Thank you for putting a plate of food around our table to share with each other and thank you for not abandoning us in the most difficult trials.

I want to ask you for their labors, for their labors, for their lives and for their hearts, so that they may receive your holy blessing, my Lord, and that they may live under your grace. I also ask you to have mercy if, during the day, there were acts that did not please you. You know perfectly well that the only thing we want is to please you and for you to stay with us on this calm night.

Almighty and eternal Lord, draw me close to your chest and let me rest like a child in the arms of its father. I want to feel that peace of being able to sleep under your gaze knowing that you have many plans for me, tomorrow morning.

I want to rest with serenity and with great hope that tomorrow I will have a new day with many opportunities, new challenges and new challenges. I rest trusting that You, mighty God, will do everything and that I will be victorious in all the battles that I have to fight.

Dear Lord of Heaven, thank you for your incomparable love and, tonight, I lay all that I am at your feet. Thank you because my faith tells me that my prayer is being heard, because I know that you will grant me a day full of triumphs, joy, abundance and much peace, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Amen.

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