Night Prayer for December 31

God of love, I come before You tonight to thank You for all the day that You gave me. Thank you because throughout this day I could feel your presence enveloping all the spaces of my heart. Now I ask you to grant me rest so that I can regain my strength and have a new day with many blessings.

Thank you precious God, because all this year you have shown me fidelity and immense love for me. I feel happy to be able to meet you and to be present in the middle of my life every day. Continue to illuminate my life and may your holy spirit protect me tonight and remove all feelings of evil from me.

Lord of my life, I thank you because you pay attention to my prayer at all times, thank you for the beautiful family that accompanies me, that helps me to be a better person and that supports me in the most difficult moments. You know that they are the most important thing to me and I thank you for keeping them healthy and sharing my joys.

Thank you, blessed Lord, because you did not allow us to go through great needs, because you kept us united despite the difficulties, thank you because our devotion and faith towards you grew day by day. Now I can ask you to give us a calm and quiet rest so that we can start a year holding your hand and with many goals and objectives in our minds.

I want to thank you for all the projects that I was able to complete and that were very satisfying, but I also want to thank you, my God, for those projects that were unfinished, because I have full confidence that next year, it will have many occasions to carry out these plans and those that come ahead.

I want to reiterate my happiness for your company, my joy for knowing that I am your son and my gratitude for the blessings you give me. Added to this, I want to ask your forgiveness for the mistakes and mistakes that I could commit throughout this year, knowing that you are a merciful God, I implore you to grant me your forgiveness.

Give me a new day, precious God, a new day where I can live fully and with the prudence that you ask of me, allow me to love you every day and not separate myself from your presence. Now I am about to rest my body and rest to recover all the energy that I was able to expend on this day.

Thank you, my beloved Lord, because I have full confidence in You, because I have the certainty that you will give me one more day to continue enjoying your love and sharing your word with those close to me. Take out of my mind all bad thoughts, all discouragement and all disturbances that do not allow my rest. All this I ask and I thank you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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