Night prayer for December 13

Blessed God, Lord of heaven, tonight I come and kneel before You to thank You for everything that happened on this beautiful day that You gave me. Thank you for all the moments, good and bad, because there is always teaching behind them. Bless the people who crossed my path who allowed me to learn more about service, more about patience, and more about your infinite love.

Loving Father, I want to thank you for allowing me to share these moments with my family, thank you for the joys and for the smiles. Thank you for putting your hands on them to bless and care for them. I also thank you for those people who take a moment to brighten my walk, because they show me that they know a merciful God who puts love in our hearts.

This beautiful night, fill my whole room with your beautiful love. Wrap the whole night in your peace. If it weren’t for your grace, my life would be inexplicable, I wouldn’t have so many gifts that I can rejoice in, I wouldn’t have precious people with me who fill the world with happiness. You allow everything, O Father God, I can only tell you tonight that I honor your name and raise my praises to the sky.

Today, I am at your feet begging you to grant me your forgiveness, for the things I did not do correctly. Sorry because pride won me over and I committed acts where I lacked humility, because my words offended my brothers or because perhaps I felt the arrogance to leave you aside. Forgive me, merciful Lord, let me rest in your presence.

Good Father, I want to thank you tonight for my family, because you always bless and take care of them. Thank you for allowing them to return home safely. I’m glad to have us meet at the table to share the food you have for us. Thank you for your work that supports them and thanks to you that your mercy is always manifested in their hearts.

Help us to know you day by day, to pray together in harmony as your children. My God, tonight, I ask that we always stay together in adversity. I hope that together we can overcome the tests that are placed in front of us, confident that we will obtain the victory from your hand.

Thank you again for this precious day that you gave me, thank you that you give me precious blessings and because you make me feel your love in all your magnificent creations. Blessed Lord, take my worries away from me so that I can rest pleasantly.

Thank you, divine Lord, for hearing my prayers tonight. Thank you for letting me rest with the confidence and certainty that while I sleep You will take care of me. Beautiful heavenly Father, grant me the grace to have a day fuller of blessings and by your side, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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