Night prayer for December 14

Blessed my Lord, tonight I cannot go to rest without first thanking you for all the good things that you have put in my way this day. I want to thank you because only you make it possible for me to enjoy beautiful moments with you and my family.

Heavenly Father, tonight I want to understand why everything that I could not achieve today, I will be able to achieve tomorrow. I have the certainty that you open paths where there is none, although for men something is impossible, I know that it is possible for you, beloved King. I put all my projects in your hands, all my wishes, and everything I have planned to achieve.

This serene and calm night, I want to rest my body, I want to clear my mind so that worries do not prevent me from having a pleasant sleep. Grant me the necessary calm to be able to regain the strength and energy that I was able to expend today.

Merciful God, I want to thank you tonight because you protect my family because you allow them to return home safely and well. Thank you for taking care of their hearts, preventing evil from entering them. Forgive the bad things they may have done because you know that is not their intention.

On this dark night, I ask that you light the light of hope in the midst of my family, that your spirit illuminate the hearts of mine with its incandescent fire. Increase our faith every day and every night, to pray with much more devotion and with more joy, Holy God.

God of mercy, Lord of the impossible, I ask you essentially for the great problem that I am going through. I need you to give me your calm to solve it in the best way. You know how great the concern that all this generates in me and I go to you tonight because I have full confidence that You will put the wind in my favor.

I ask you with great humility and need, a new day, if you wish it, blessed God. Give me a day full of opportunities and many blessings to complete the things that I cannot do today. I wish to undertake new plans with new possibilities to perform acts that please you and enhance your blessed Name, oh good Lord.

My God, thank you for hearing one more of my prayers. Tonight I want you to stay by my side, blessed Father, taking care of my dreams and protecting my mind from all thoughts of the evil one. Help me to rest peacefully and to replenish the energies that I lost on this day, I ask you and I thank you for everything, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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