Night Prayer for December 16

Dear God, I approach You every night with a grateful heart to glorify You and bless You for the beautiful moments that You allowed me to live today. Thank you, Lord, because the day has passed with health and well-being. Thank you for all the projects that I concluded, for the new ideas that arose, and for the new things that I learned.

This beautiful night, I want to thank you, Divine Father, for having taken care of me. For illuminated my path and guided my steps. Thank you for having stayed with me even in times of sadness and overwhelm. When loneliness comes to my door, I have the full assurance that You will not abandon me.

Thank you, my God, for taking care of my family. Thank you for giving them a good return home. Thank you for guarding their trails, and for giving them the health they need to carry out all their activities. Thank you for always keeping us together, thank you that we are learning to pray together and that you do not abandon us for a single moment.

Lord, thank you for filling our lives with blessings. Thank you for your incomparable kindness, and your constant help. By being close to You, we know that problems and concerns will have a prompt solution. Help us to trust your promises and keep the faith to the end, blessed Father.

Tonight, dear Lord, I want to put my life in your hands and offer you all my projects and my plans. I ask you to take into account all the needs that I am going through and that. If it is your will, help me to achieve what I have been planning. My Lord, You know the effort that you put into each activity and in each task. Allow me to achieve what I want.

Merciful Holy Father, I want to ask your forgiveness tonight: If it is that you have acted against what You ask of me. If I have been reckless or if I have let pride, selfishness, or greed have come before my life. That is why I implore your forgiveness.

I raise my prayer to You with great devotion. I want you to fill my life with many gifts and protect it from all the evils that may lie in wait. Lord, you are my only horizon, the only destination I want and must reach. Allow my eyes to see no other goal than to achieve your love.

I trust in You, my God, I trust that I will be able to rest and enjoy a placid repose, that your blessings will not wait, and that tomorrow you will guide me along the path of good, helping me to fulfill and live under your mandates. My God, if it is your will, grant me one more day of life, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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