Night prayer for December 18

Victorious God, the night has come and I want to thank you for the day that I had to live. Thank you for all the experiences that you allowed me to have. Thank you for having always guided me with love along the path that You want for me. Thank you because your beautiful creation reminds me at every moment of the love you have for me and humanity.

My Lord, tonight I want to thank you because you gave me a beautiful home, a roof where I can take refuge and return from my work. Thank you because you watch over my dreams because you surround me with your peace and calm to rest from all the energy that I was able to expend.

I put my whole day under your eyes, thank you for all the things I did and for the projects that came to an end today. Blessed Lord, I ask you for one more opportunity to meet the new goals that were presented to me today and help me move forward.

Dear Lord, tonight I want to thank you also for my family because they are the most important people to me. Thank you that you do not forsake them, that they find their safe way home, and that they are blessed with their jobs to support their home and their own family.

Stay close to us to increase our faith and rekindle those desires that we may lose. Help us to pray together and stick together when the going gets tough. We know that you are the only Lord of our lives and we proclaim your majesty within our home. Thank you for the food that you put on our tables today to nourish our bodies, blessed Lord.

I want to ask your forgiveness, merciful Father, for the bad actions that I have been able to commit, for doubting your presence, and for believing that by not getting what I want, You do not pay attention to my calls. Give me patience and wisdom, blessed Father, to understand that you will do everything in due time. May this anguish not cloud my judgment or confuse my love for You.

I want to rest away from worries and away from negative thoughts. Protect my dreams, God of love, so that tonight peace, calm, and tranquility reign, and tomorrow will be a day of great prosperity for me and mine.

Thank you, my Lord, because I know that my prayer is heard in heaven. I know that I will achieve everything if I put myself in your hands.

 Multiply my joys and victories tomorrow morning, if it is your will. Give me a good rest and fill me with health and well-being. I ask this with great faith in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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