Night Prayer for December 20

Beautiful Lord, almighty and eternal God, the night has come again. The sun has left the sky and again I come before your presence with words of gratitude to praise you, bless you and adore you for the beautiful day that you just gave me. 

I want to thank you, divine Lord, because, despite all the evils that I have been able to commit, you always remain on my side. Thank you because your fidelity is incomparable and because you give your love in full hands and because you receive me with all the good and bad that I have with me.

Thank you, Father, for the precious family that you give me, thank you because throughout the day you were with them, taking care of and watching their steps. 

Thank you because you allowed them to return safely from their jobs or their labors and because they sat at the table to share food with me. Give them the necessary capacity to bear the adversities they are going through and grant them many more moments of happiness.

Although the day has worn away my strength, I continue to trust You, Almighty Lord. Even though things have not gone as planned, I still trust YOU. If the things I want will take a little longer, I trust blindly in your promises and that your word will be fulfilled in the times you think necessary.

Lord, tonight, I want to ask You for the people who do not know You, for the people who have their lives far from You and who plunge into the darkness of darkness or who live in despair. Help them to make the best decisions, pour out your mercy on them to make them understand that only with you is the true peace and happiness that they mistakenly seek in the world.

Precious God, I thank you for placing in my path people who bring me closer to You, thank you for removing from my life the evils that are in the world. Thank you for giving me that firmness and courage to make decisions that in the long run will be very favorable for my life.

This beautiful night, I get on my knees in front of You and I offer You everything I have: my desires, my desires, my strengths, my weaknesses, my joys, and my sorrows. You who know everything about me, my Lord, give me what I need to be able to have a future with prosperity and abundance.

Thank you, blessed Father, for the certainty that my prayer is heard up to the sky. Have mercy on this son of yours who humbly presents himself before you, who is sorry for the faults he committed, and who asks you for a new opportunity to do things better. I ask all this Lord, in the blessed name of Jesus, Amen.

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