Night Prayer for June 4

Dear Lord, I pray with a broken heart and a tired body as a result of everything I’ve lived through today. Nevertheless, I do not want to stop being with you, Lord, nor do I want to stop telling you what my feelings and worries are. Therefore, I am going to kneel before you, Lord, knowing that you hear me.

I want to thank you, Father, because you have been by my side all day. You have helped me to reach the end of the day feeling well, and you have not allowed for anything to damage my health. You have kept me in good health, full of life, and energy throughout the day.

I am very thankful to you, Lord, for you have allowed me to enjoy my family, see my brethren smile, and shake hands with the. Thank you, kind Lord, because I was able to share a meal which you provided with them, and which we have never lacked. Thank you that I can be part of this family, which although it is not perfect, has tried to keep together in your Name, Lord.

Thank you, Lord, because this has been a day full of different experiences. I have been able to carry out my duties as a father, son, friend, and as a child in Christ. I have been able to help others, and that has been good for my soul, thanks to your Sacred Word and example, Lord.

I thank you, blessed Lord because we do not have to suffer from the cold tonight. Thank you because it is your will that we take cover under your protection, we have a bed to lie down, and you help us to keep together and rest.

Dear God, you are the only one who can work miracles and help the sick, and the folks who cannot sleep properly due to their ailments. I pray for you to heal them and provide them with the energy they need to put up with each stage of their illness.

I pray that you embrace the people who are out on the street with your holy robe, as well as those who do not have where to spend the night and are subject to all the ills of this world, Father. May your holy robe protect these people from the danger.

Tonight, Father, I pray that I may fall asleep and put all my worries aside and focus my mind and body on the rest they need. Lord, please protect me during the night, guide my dreams so that I can become a better person and the one you want me to be. I will always expect you to hear my prayers, Father, and above all, I pray for your will to be done in the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen.

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