Night Prayer for August 1

Beautiful and incomparable Lord, the arrival of the night has allowed me to light a small candle with my prayer, so that the smoke is directed towards your precious sky. Today I had a very busy and tiring day, I could say perhaps a little complicated at times, but what I am sure of is that it was a very blessed day.

That is why I thank you so much, for all that you let me live, experience and seek. Thank you for the beautiful moments I had in different places I was, from my home to my workplace, for the welcoming and friendly people that you give me, for the beauty of your creation that you allow me to contemplate daily. 

Thank you Lord, because even in those situations You were present, giving me a hand so that I could continue and be here with You talking, being sincere with You. May adversities glorify you Lord, give me the necessary strength to face them with courage.

Among those circumstances, I was overcome by impulse, by bad feelings and I sinned against You. Forgive me Lord, I recognize myself as a weak person, I do not really do it with the intention, sometimes the pain can do more with me. Pour your grace on me, O holy Father, so that I may return to your arms and be a new man, ready to improve my mistakes and strive to please you.

Before closing my eyes, I want to take advantage of this dark night, to illuminate it with my praise, because You deserve all the best that exists in heaven and on blessed earth and, from the most secret of my room, I raise my arms and my heart towards You, King of the entire universe. 

I would also like to give You all the projects I have, my fears, my frustrations and my joys. There are no better hands than yours my God, take all that I give you, I am left with nothing for you to consider and show me if all this is within your plans.

With much affection, I ask you for my family, they are the most precious gift I have after You. If they have some problems that do not leave them calm, relieve those burdens and wrap them in your peace, so that they may rest well and rise to follow the path that you have traced for us.

In You I entrust myself, with the hope that You will accompany me and grant me a dawn full of many blessings and opportunities to continue seeking my happiness in You. I love You my Lord, and in You I take refuge. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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