Night Prayer for August 2

God my friend, this day is coming to an end and now, embraced in the darkness of your night, I take refuge in this humble prayer. I lift up to your majestic sky, all my affection and my gratitude for having allowed me to continue the rest of today in your company.

Thank you blessed Father, because you have been very compassionate with me, giving me many opportunities drawn in the sunrise and sunset, in every person I saw and shared today, in every moment of the day that I could contemplate you with all my senses, I could feel the warm rays of the sun, the refreshing breeze near the sea, the singing of the birds when I woke up and enjoy the rain.

All your love is manifested in so many undeserved things for my smallness, because every day I fail you Lord. Thank you for the joy of being alive and being able to enjoy so many good moments, which do not make me forget to be grateful, nor to feel like the most spoiled child in your precious eyes.

I also thank you, my God, for the complex situations that I had to live through, those moments where I felt rejected, hurt and frustrated. All this sows in me many doubts, of which I do not want them to be so great as to lose my faith. 

Among my weaknesses, I must admit that I hurt your heart Lord. I ask your forgiveness, kneeling at the foot of my bed, I beg your mercy holy Father, I do not do it intentionally, but sometimes temptation drives my emotions when I feel hurt and I do not know how to control them. I want to be clay again in your hands my God, please make me again.

Tonight, I would like to surrender myself into your arms so I can rest easy, I surrender to you all that may torment me and interrupt my dreams. Take my weaknesses and my shortcomings and turn them into strength with the power of your grace.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you for the peace of mind of my friends and family. If any of them are far from your presence, make them come back and be born again by your infinite goodness. Take care of them from every danger and every disturbance they may suffer, do not keep them away from your face please, they need you very much.

In your love, I take pleasure, I surrender myself to be able to rest my body and my mind that are tired from all the work I have done during the day. Let this night silence give me the relief I need to sleep, in the hope of a new and blessed dawn, in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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