Night Prayer for August 3

Patient Father, come this night, I dispose myself in body, mind and soul to glorify your Name, for you are more than good to me and all your creatures. Thank You for allowing me to return home without complications or exposure to danger, for allowing me to meet my relatives. 

From the darkness of my room, before You on my knees, I rejoice in Your presence to tell You that I love You Lord. Thank You dear Father, for all the moments I have been able to live, for those that were good, filled me with joy and encouragement, and also for those that were different, that make me see that I can do nothing without You.

Thank You for what I am about to live from now on, if everything is in Your plans, because You make everything perfect in promises and works. All this, when I take advantage of it, will become diverse moments that will be engraved with a pleasant sensation in my memory and with much learning.

Being blessed since the sun appears, I have tried to live, enjoy and take advantage of every second of this journey, as a child of Yours, as a witness of Your love and of what You announce for all those who do not know how to reach You, seeking to quench their thirst in the spring of Your mercy. Thank you for this my God.

Tonight I would like to ask you in a special way for pregnant women, those who have pregnancies with risk, for those who are in the constant struggle to have children and cannot until now, and all those worries do not let them rest properly. Help them Lord, to keep hope in their lives, to have the calm they need and not be overwhelmed because You are with them always.

You know everything about me Lord, do not let frustration take over my problems and dominate me, I give You my weaknesses so that in Your holy hands they may be rocks of faith. Come Lord Jesus, and saturate my home, my room with your infinite peace, cover my life with your tranquility.

May every stain on my soul be white as snow Lord, forgive all my irreverence with the power of your Holy Spirit, may your infinite grace soothe my being and make me a new man, O Father of mercy. If it is in your will a new awakening, I am willing to amend everything and do all that may please you.

Give me with this dream a new opportunity to love You Lord and improve my personality before others. I take refuge in You beloved God, trusting in all that Your Word promises, because You are my salvation and my strength blessed Lord, good night in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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