Night Prayer for July 1

Lord and my God, on this beautiful night I prostrate myself on my knees before your majestic presence to thank you once again for the day you granted me as a favor. Thank you because you filled my body with health and took with care every step I could take. I cannot imagine a day without You, that is why I do not want to tire of giving You many thanks and glorifying You at all times.

Thank You Lord, because even though I am not worthy of anything, Your infinite goodness surrounds me and makes me see how valuable I am to You. Even though I feel very tired because I had a very difficult day, it is good to give me the time to be able to give glory and honor only to You, heavenly Father. 

Forgive me my God for showing my bad sides before You, for the faults I have committed against You and my brothers. Forgive me my merciful Lord, for my selfishness was greater than my charity or perhaps my indifference hurt some people. Please grant me the annulment of all my sins, I want to be reborn in You so that I may rest in peace.

Tonight I give You with much fervor my tiredness and my heart worn out by routine. Help me to rest, good Father, and if You will, give me the grace to be able to live one more day. I have thought that I have left some things unfinished and I want to finish them if You can grant me Your favor to accomplish them all with great success.

I ask You for those people who feel lonely or misunderstood, for the poor who beg for food, so that they can get it in an honest way and for the poorest: the poor of heart, so that they do not fill themselves with material things and know that the only person who can quench their hunger and thirst for faith, is You.

Do not allow this world to fall into sin, darkness or corruption, strengthen the spirit of each one so that they may not fall into manipulation or abuse of power. May they know that the bonds in this life are established with much peace and tolerance, that there is no greater power than that of love, which rescues life and heals hearts.

Thank you, merciful God, for this day has come to an end and you are still with me. Thank You for the blessing that You pour on my family, because You know how important they are to my existence and how grateful I am to them for forging my life with good principles.

Now, beautiful Father, I am ready to rest in You, I rejoice in Your presence with the illusion of a new dawn full of new opportunities to love, persevere and walk in faith, all this I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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