Night Prayer for July 10

Lord and my God, tonight I come before You to worship You, for I desire that You may always be the first and the last person to dwell in my daily thoughts. With my hands on my heart, I extend my prayer until I reach towards your sky, twinkling with the stars that reflect your presence, Lord.

Thank you for the blessings of this day, because you gave me the opportunity to live another day full of you and surrounded by people I have loved all my life. Thank you because today I was able to live a little more of your immense goodness, especially because it is manifested in the affection that my family gives me daily, for which I am very grateful to you, for taking care of them too.

Thank you because you have allowed us to return home without being exposed to any danger, because you give us a cozy home to protect us; food on the table to share without suffering needs and because you, blessed God, give me the strength I need to overcome the difficult moments that I have to live.

Before this day ends, I would like to ask your forgiveness, good Father, because I have not acted on some occasions according to your commands and I have fallen into sin because of the sorrow or pain that situations sometimes provoke in me. On my knees before You and with a repentant heart, I come to implore Your mercy in me, Lord, mold my life anew to do things in a better way.

I know, that I am not worthy of You, but by Your goodness I ask that during my rest I may find You, because I am certain that You work daily in my life, for me and for all Your beloved children, so I ask You to renew my health and bless all the things I have planned to do.

If tomorrow You want it, give me the opportunity with a new ray of sunshine in my room, may You be the one who helps me to wake up with the conviction to fight for my happiness and for the happiness of the people who need it most. Sow the ideals that will lead me to You, Divine Creator.

Do not allow thoughts to continue to haunt my head. Take care of me holy God, I want to rest in You. Protect my home and all the people who live in it, so that rejoicing in your presence, we can rest in the hope that You are always watching over us.

Let me have a new awakening, precious God. And tomorrow may I be able to do things with greater courage, no matter how difficult some situations may become. I will not be afraid because You go with me, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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