Night Prayer for July 11

Beautiful King of the universe, one more day has come to an end and before giving myself to full rest, I kneel down to humbly offer you my prayer as the best I have from the depths of my being. I want to begin tonight, giving you many thanks for everything I have accomplished with your blessing, my Lord.

Thank you for the day you have given me to live to the fullest. Thank you also, because I was able to experience your love, in such a way that it helped me to have the necessary strength to continue until now, that I find myself rejoicing in your presence. 

Tonight, my God, I would like to thank you for the moments that made me smile today and for those that made my heart a little heavy and gave me many worries. Thank You because You put people in my path so that I could find You and make me remember how important I am to You.

Thank You so much because You give me a space where I can return without the worry or fear of being left on the street alone and exposed to many dangers, because the home I have is just what I need to share and call You to dwell in it, for taking care of my family and so far keeping them healthy and close to me. 

Today has been another day of growth and many teachings, all of which I will remember fondly my Lord. With all the strength I have left, I raise my praise to You, to go up to your divine altar as my simplest oblation. 

I ask you to take me in your arms and surround me with mercy so that I may be lulled in your holy presence, to feel as if I were in heaven and thus relieve all the weariness that I carry today in my body and soul, please blessed Lord.

Take care of me and the people I love most tonight, glorious Father. Put away all evil and danger that wants to ruin this magical moment we have by your side, let us sleep at ease and with the assurance that you are sitting at the foot of our bed watching over us with eyes of love and tenderness.

I cannot imagine a second of my life without You, my God, thank You for loving me beyond my sin, my defects and my insecurities, all that I am and all that I have I owe to You. I love you very much faithful Father, good night in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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