Night Prayer for July 12

Good evening Lord and guardian of my heart, this day is coming to an end with the visit of the night and it is time to talk to you a little, to share all that I feel, think and desire from the bottom of my soul.

Thank you also, precious Lord, because I have had many trials and bitterness, which will teach me to see your purposes in the midst of suffering. Teach me once again to understand that all these circumstances will help me to grow in your ways.

Tonight, watch over my dreams carefully, that you may cast aside all evil that would rob me of my rest. Protect me, O my God, from all the evils that would hurt my heart and grant me a day full of hope and vision. Take away all my sadness and worries that often stop me and frustrate me.

I ask you with much devotion, to have compassion on my home and my family. Help us to increase our faith and our courage and unify our lives always to make a single struggle in the face of adversity. Be the center of our lives, the one who rules every space, every corner of our home and our hearts. 

Holy Father, thank You for the love that You keep in this day that is ending. I ask you to help me to heal the wounds that I keep in my heart, which I often do not share with my brothers, because of pride or perhaps out of shame. Today I give them to you, my Lord, so that they may be healed by you, by your tender compassion.

I want to place all my plans in Your powerful hands so that You may do what You want with them, so that You may be the one to decide what is really convenient for my soul. Take great care of every word and every thought that comes to me, may it always be something that will enhance my being and be pleasing to You.

I dispose my body, my mind and my soul to Your mercy, good Lord, I want to sleep with the satisfaction that You have the power to make things better and the happiness of knowing that You love me. I want to love You as You do, fan the flame of my heart so that I may never tire of You, so that I may not desist in persevering and struggling to walk righteously until I reach your kingdom.Thank you for accepting my prayer, God of love. If it is your will, grant me the light of the sun again for my eyes and the hope of a new day to continue in your search. I rest in you, in the name of Jesus, your Son, Amen.

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