Night Prayer for July 13

Beautiful Father, I feel very happy because I have been able to finish this day under your watchful eye. Full of gratitude I give you tonight all that I have; my tiredness and my hopeful heart in You. Thank You that I am still here with You to acknowledge You as my one true God, that I was able to enjoy the many experiences You gave me and that once again You call me to serve You.

Thank you because the power that your love has is so great, because you carefully distributed it in all the places, people and creations that you made. There are no limits to the blessings you give, that always comforts my heart.

Today I ask you to let me rest in tranquility. Watch over my rest, Lord, let my body recover all the strength I put into every activity I did, so that tomorrow, if it is written for me, I can face new challenges with a lot of attitude and take advantage of new opportunities.

I wish I could have a new awakening, to enjoy your presence like today. Listen to my petitions and accept them with much consideration please my God, the needs that this little son who loves you, I raise them to your altar so that they can be achieved by your divine hand.

Today I make a very special request blessed Father: I entrust to you those people who suffer from many pains due to some illness or who perhaps have a sore heart because of the hard moments they are living through. 

I give you my heart, my God, so that tonight it may be looked upon by you, restored by the power of your grace and restored to my being who hunger and thirst for your presence and beg for your company. Keep me close to Thee always, I am Thy little child and I could not continue my purpose if I do not hold Thy hand.

I would also like to give you the lives of my friends and my family. You are the only one who knows what they keep and think, for sometimes they do not share it with others but they need to share it with you, attend to their pleas and forgive their mistakes. Give them a restful rest by the power of your love.

Let me, please Lord, be able to enjoy your presence once again. Give me a dawn full of color and hope, I need to continue to be filled with your love, so I can share it with those who need you most, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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