Night Prayer for July 14

Pious and beloved Lord, night is falling before my eyes and once again I am here to wait for your presence to reach me and lead me to good rest. But first, I would like to thank you for all the joys that you have given me and that, until now, you continue to offer me. 

Thank you, blessed God, for the good moments that gladdened my heart, because you were present in the embrace of my siblings, in the caress of my parents, in the good wishes of my friends and even in the person I was able to help without knowing and who shared part of his life with me. 

Tonight, I also thank you for the somewhat complicated moments that I had to live. Because the tiredness that I have today is a symbol of the effort and dedication that I put into all my activities, which I was able to complete with great success, despite all the trials that were presented to me.

I also place on your altar, Father of goodness, the lives of my parents, my siblings, my children, my husband, my wife; for each person who by your blessing, are part of my beautiful family. Give them the patience to remain calm in the face of the setbacks that life sometimes brings us.

Grant them much prosperity in all the jobs they have, in their studies, perseverance for the things that are a little more complex and the certainty that everything we put at your disposal is well received and done at the right time.

No one but You knows what each of your children has within them. Do not abandon them at any moment, they need you my God. Give them a full rest, where they can replenish their strength and thus prepare to receive the new day with great courage and faith.

With a heart full of repentance, I ask your forgiveness for the mistakes I made today, holy Father, sometimes my weakness is greater and I let myself be dragged by it. Forgive me if sometimes I doubt You, that You can do great things, if at some point my patience ran out and I offended a brother or a relative.

Let your mercy come to me and envelop my weary body. Then, I will sleep with the peace of mind that you will bring me a new sun, a new sky, a new life. Take my family, my friends and my life, for everything I have is completely yours, my good God. Good night and thank you so much for hearing my prayer, in the name of the best friend of all, Jesus, Amen.

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