Night Prayer for July 15

Beautiful Creator of heaven and earth, the night has begun and together with this little prayer that I raise with all my heart to heaven, I am ready to thank you very much for the day that has passed, because now I can continue with you, waiting for the gift of the new dawn.

Thank you my God for all your blessings, for all the experiences I had and because in each one of them your presence became real, illuminating like the stars of this night every step I took in every action I performed. You were always watching over my whole life, never letting my integrity be exposed to the dangers that the world spreads daily.

It feels so good to be in your presence, my good Lord. Today I direct my prayers to You, that they may be heard and done in my life. Stay with me, holy God, for the evil one is watching my soul and all that I do. Protect me by pushing aside all the dangers and temptations that want to interrupt my rest and condemn my life to sadness.

Cover my home Lord, come to my aid because I need You, cover with your precious mantle every space of my house and the life of the people who live in it. Do not allow anything bad to happen to us, my God, I ask you please, help us to be able to rest confident in your merciful arms, I want to stay with you always and wait for what your will designates for my life.

Take all my thoughts, my uncertainties and everything that torments me, blessed Lord. Take charge of all that makes me suffer and teach me to fight with courage, because I cannot do it alone, I need your powerful right hand and your divine grace supporting me at all times.

With fervent desire, I ask that tonight You may take me in Your arms as a creature and take care of me while I fall asleep, and if You will, give me a new light with a beautiful dawn like everything You do and create on this earth, O pious Father.

I ask You also, that while I am at rest, You may bless me with all that I need to face tomorrow: the prudence to know the right moments when I have to make a decision, give a hug or offer a word that can generate hope in the people around me.

Be with me tonight, dear God, and be the lighthouse that illuminates my moments of pure darkness, the oasis in my desert, the nourishment of my need. You always have something new and beautiful for those who hope in You. Good night Lord, in the holy name of Jesus beloved, Amen.

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