Night Prayer for July 16

Gracious Lord, today, as I do every night, I come to You to thank You for all the love You have shown me on this day that is coming to an end. My Father, sometimes I cannot understand how it is that You, being so great and love itself, do everything possible for me to fix my gaze on You, You being the Lord of my life, the King of my heart.

Thank You because I am sure that without Your help, I would not have been able to contemplate the constellation of lights that You paint in the sky for me today, those that give me peace of mind and make me pause from all the hustle and bustle of the day, to satiate my soul with Your presence and Your holy Word.

Incomparable Lord, each day you give me is a great experience of life, because you are the only one who knows which are the paths I have to follow. That is why tonight, taking advantage of the silence in my room, I raise my gaze to your majestic creation and I thank you for holding me in your arms when at times I saw the day lost.

Thank you blessed Father, because in the course of the hours, no matter how good or bad experiences I may have had, I have been able to be certain that everything was blessed by you, by your powerful hand. Thank you because today you have covered the most important needs of my existence.

Now that everything is being covered by the dark veil of night, I ask you to let me give you all the things that at times destabilize my emotions. My burdens, my worries, take them Lord. Help me to be able to rest with the lullaby of your voice, which is sweeter than honey.

Take away, all that keeps me from resting. Thank You for being too good to me, merciful Father. Once again I cry out to You, that You come and fill my heart with Your love. I also ask You, through Your infinite goodness, for the blessing of my dearest ones, so that with the same love that You give me, they too may be covered and renewed in You.

Do not allow difficulties to annul our union, on the contrary, sanctify our lives with adversities. Give us the strength we need so that we may always use prayer as one of the most powerful tools to achieve your victory to all that lies ahead, O merciful God.

Lord and my God, today I am confident that my prayer is heard. If it is your will, give me a dawn full of You, where I can reach once again all the goals that are still pending and sail the infinite sea of your love, good night dear God, I love you in the name of my faithful guardian Jesus, Amen.

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