Night Prayer for July 17

Precious and beloved Father, the night is covering my room in darkness and while the urban noise fades, I prepare myself at your feet to deliver this prayer to you. I have arrived very exhausted because I have had a very hard day, but I cannot go to sleep without first placing my whole life in your presence.

Today I was able to live and contemplate many pleasant moments, accompanied by smiles, great people, a job that allows me to bring a livelihood to my home, looks of affection and great friendships; all this reminds me that no matter how complicated and disturbed the world is, there are still scattered lights of hope, because you are still there.

Thank you also, heavenly King, for the moments that became difficult, where I did not have a good time and hurt my heart. Because even if they are difficult to understand, these are the situations that will sanctify me, they are the battlefields to employ all that I ask of you, thank you for always helping me in different ways and allowing me to continue until now with you, without letting go of your hand.

Within my joys and sorrows, I do not want to stop magnifying your name, eternal Lord, because you always have love for those who ask you, patience for those who despair and comfort for those who sink in sadness.

So that I may sleep with my soul and mind in peace, with a repentant heart I come to beg your forgiveness, O divine Father, forgive the imprudence I have committed today, the impulses I have had against a brother or perhaps because I have omitted to help the needy. 

Merciful Lord, thank you for the blessing you give me as a family, take care of them, giving them a peaceful rest, free of worries. Heal their sicknesses and their hearts of the wounds that life leaves them, You well know how important they are to me. Renew their struggles, gracious Lord, and teach them that You never leave aside those who love You.

Tonight also, God of goodness, I would like to ask You in a special way, for those people who feel overwhelmed by their problems, those who have been unable to sleep for a long time because they have a sick family member or do not know how to solve their financial problems. Take their lives in your hands, loving Father, and give them hope that every difficulty will soon be solved in your powerful and holy name.

Through my dreams, Lord, I give you all my desires and my purposes, that they may come true according to your will. Take them united to the love and gratitude I have for You, blessed Father, and, if You will it, give me a new dawn. I ask this in the name of Jesus, your blessed Son, Amen.

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