Night Prayer for July 18

Precious God, owner of the universe and of this beautiful night, one more day has culminated with the arrival of the stars, and I can only thank you with all my heart, because everything I lived today, was full of many good experiences and learning. Thank you for allowing me to be with you until now, where the darkness floods my room to find you in the secret.

I have had a very hard day, but in spite of all the tiredness, I feel very blessed because I had moments of good sharing, where the words that some people said to me were precise. Thank you for the smiles that were drawn in me today, for the signs of affection of many people and because today, more than ever I could feel that you were there, with your incomparable tenderness and love.

Thank you, heavenly Father, for the moments when I had many complications. Maybe it was when I received some bad news or had some family or work problem, these are difficult situations to accept, but they will help me to form my character, to strengthen my faith. 

I want to continue thanking you Lord, because you gave me a place to work, an opportunity to get ahead, because I have a home where I can return and feel safe, because I have been able to enjoy a plate of food with my family. Thank you for so many blessings, I consider everything my God.

Tonight, I want to place at your disposal everything I did during the morning and afternoon, I also want to give you all the things that are still unfinished, so I can do them later, if it is your divine will, blessed Father.

Gracious God, today before your feet I ask your forgiveness for my mistakes, for some imprudences I committed, because I was envious or because I acted with rancor in my heart. Remove every stain from my soul, illuminate every darkness that I have within me, so that I may always give way to you and thus rule my whole life Lord.

I thank you for my family, because I could enjoy their company at various times of the day and they are always there to support me without expecting anything. Take good care of them Lord, watch over their dreams. May they not be interrupted by any harm that the enemy sows and may they always keep you in mind. 

All that I share with you is with much sincerity and humility my God. If it is your will, give me a dawn where my heart continues to be filled with hope and I can be a better servant for You and all those who need You, I ask it in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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