Night Prayer for July 19

Merciful Father, very good night. One more day has gone, welcoming the twilight that the sky in your mysterious divinity covers my room, and before you, I am ready to give you my life with this humble prayer. 

Thank You for returning me home safely after my activities, sheltered from the danger of the world, because You have given me moments where I knew how to be a better friend, brother or son. Because every day is a constant learning, Lord. 

You manifest your love without filters or measures, in all its fullness and for all your children without exception. Thank you for being so good and letting me share with people who constantly help me to soften my heart, to be more fraternal and not to be afraid to give my love in all existing aspects.

Thank you also, blessed Lord, for the moments that became a little tense today, because I had some friction with some people, complications at work, studies or some personal conflict. Help me always to turn to You, no matter how difficult it may be to solve the situation, because for You there are no impossibilities if there really is faith.

Wonderful Father, I feel grateful for the family you gave me, because between ups and downs, we are still together supporting our achievements and accompanying our failures. Thank you, because the hug or the look that each one gives me is priceless and fills my heart with You.

Tonight, most holy Lord, I ask you to watch over me as I sleep, watch over my dreams my God, for in them I place all my plans, the most fervent desires of my soul and your constant search. May I never forget to be pleasing to you and to my fellow men, and may I always keep the need of your presence in my life.

Today I want to be enveloped in your precious and matchless mercy, for ashamed I recognize myself as a sinner. Forgive me Father, for having been indifferent on some occasions, because I did not take you into account when deciding and I was selfish with some actions, because perhaps I gave way to mistrust and made my faith waver.

With all this that I share with you and with much sincerity I give you, I prepare myself to rest placing in your will my purpose for tomorrow, together with all the people I love, so that you also take care of them, protect them, bless them and keep them from all danger. If within your precious plan is to be able to contemplate a new dawn, I want it to be by your side beautiful God, I ask it in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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