Night Prayer for July 2

Divine and beautiful Father, at nightfall I am getting ready to rest, but first I approach You through my prayer. I would like to thank You very much Lord, because although it is true that I had a very hard day, I have been able to accomplish almost all the things that I had proposed during the day. 

Today I raise my praise and my prayer to You, because I feel that day and night You are becoming the reason for my existence and for everything I do. Thank You for always presenting Yourself as a Father and friend in the moments I need the most, because without calling You, You are already there, by my side.

Tonight I would like to ask You to grant me a good rest so that I can get up with more energy and more courage, and thus resume some things that were left unfinished along the way.

In order to be able to rejoice with a clear conscience, I would like to ask your forgiveness, blessed Father, because my behavior was not the most supportive of my brothers. Rid me of all feelings of envy and jealousy that poison my heart and prevent me from seeing all people with eyes of love. Allow me to attain your mercy and mercy, dear God.

Take away all worries and fears from my mind, let them no longer go round and round in my head, they hurt me and do not let me rest easy. Let nothing disturb my dreams, O merciful Father, for You nothing is impossible, that is why I ask You to protect me please my God, because I take refuge in You.

All that I have lived in gratitude, I place it under your feet blessed Creator. I have confidence sustained in your promise, for your word does not fail. Blessed art Thou always, O Lord. For You alone, You love without measure and draw paths that lead us to the fountains of living water, for all those who seek You, thirsting for You. 

Give me the favor of preserving your love in me, heavenly God. Saturate me with your infinite goodness and distribute it all in the lives of my relatives as well. Give me the perseverance I need, to be able to strive for every step that is written in my life plan. 

I desire with my heart that my prayer will go to You and be heard. I will be waiting for your precepts, while I rest my tired body in your hands, blessed Father. Give me a new dawn full of opportunities and more desire to love you, I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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