Night Prayer for July 20

Good evening precious Father, a sky full of beautiful stars covers this place with your majestic presence, in which I want to place my heart in your holy hands to begin this dialogue between the two of us with much humility and sincerity.

Today I had a difficult day, full of many hectic situations and with many pending matters, but I feel good to be able to arrive home with tranquility and health. Thank you Lord for taking care of me until now, for not letting anything bad happen to me and for accompanying me in every moment of the day, because your company gives me strength to be able to continue your purposes.

I still have much to offer you Lord, I do not want to close my eyes without first giving all my words of admiration and honor. Because there is nothing sweeter than the paternal tenderness that you offer, because you manifest yourself in the big, in the small, in the simple and in the complex.

Sometimes bad thoughts or emotions take impulse more than prudence and I err in my dealings or in my words. Forgive me my God, have mercy on me once again. Cleanse my heart Lord, for where I go only your grace will suffice me.

Merciful God, I thank you for the family and friends that you give me, because today I was able to share a little more with them, hear more stories of their lives and receive much advice from them. I ask you to bless them and to give them a restful sleep tonight, free from disturbances.

Help us to strengthen our bonds of fraternity and to value each other at all times, spreading our joys, being company and light in our moments of desert or darkness. Through the love of your beloved son Jesus, unite us in understanding, love and patience.

Merciful Father, in a special way tonight I ask you for the world that daily normality envelops them in darkness, distances them from your grace and your presence. Show them in your infinite love and the truth is found in You.

I abandon myself to You, dear Father, and with illusion I ask You to give me the gift of a new dawn. I would like to be able to fulfill the plans that I still have in store and fulfill all the objectives that I have been tracing, as long as they are under your will, I ask it in the name of Jesus King of the universe, Amen.

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