Night Prayer for July 21

Blessed God, Lord of the starry night that covers my room, thank You for the joy of being able to address You until now. Tonight I open my heart tired from the daily hustle and bustle, but very grateful for all that you allow me to live in your company.

The good thing about being exhausted until now is that you have given me many opportunities to carry out my activities under your blessing. Thank you for the honorable work you give me, for the studies, the care and protection you give to my life. 

Heavenly Father, thank you very much for all the pleasant experiences I had today, because I was surrounded by people that I love very much and are very valuable in my life. I was able to enjoy their company and share a little more of their stories, of what thrills their souls and torments their hearts.

Tonight, grant them a restful rest, where they can deposit all their tiredness, freed from any guilt or anything that may disturb them and embrace them in your mercy Lord, so that they may find no greater refuge than yours and may constantly learn more of You.

Thank You also Lord, for the complicated moments that I lived today, where things did not work out in my favor and gave me bitter pills of pain and worry, when I felt that they could not have any solution, for the difficult people who tried my patience but nevertheless, You did not leave me alone.

All that You allow and all that You do not allow, are to strengthen my faith and to magnify my soul before You, teach me to be able to understand and to value what You give me daily, from Your landscapes, the people and the diverse opportunities to feel loved and protected by the shield of Your boundless love.

I would also not like to let the night pass without first offering you some apologies my Lord. Because perhaps I was not very assertive with a brother, because sometimes the ego does not let me act with humility and simplicity or because perhaps I have not been very grateful.

When I close my eyes, may my mind and body rest in the certainty that you are my faithful guardian and watch over me tonight. Embrace me sweet Father, I am like a child in need of You, and if You will, give me a beautiful dawn full of blessings, where I can consecrate myself again to You and be your humble servant, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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