Night Prayer for July 22

Dear and powerful God, the night comes again, covering little by little my room with your majestic presence and, before placing my body in your arms to rest, I would like to talk face to face with you to tell you that I love you and that I feel very happy for accompanying me in this adventure that is about to end.

Thank you for this beautiful day that you gave me, for all the moments that you let me share and from the depths of my life, I feel grateful for the paternity that you give me, because every day you listen to what my heart asks of you, whether it is something simple or complex.

My God, thank you for the people that today with much wisdom you have placed in my life. For those who were easy to deal with because of their kindness, good attitude and company, because they taught me to see you with the joyful essence that you have and that not many remember. 

I cannot rest peacefully without first turning to You on my knees and with a sore heart, ashamed for having failed You once again. Forgive me Lord for my imprudence, for I do not measure my words and hurt my brothers. 

What a great blessing to be able to continue by your side, in spite of my sin. Thank you because this day you covered my needs and I did not lack a silver of food on the table, because I have clothes to wear and not feel so vulnerable, for the roof that you gave me to go and return calmly from my activities.

Thank You for all that I enjoyed and suffered a little today, because everything I live comes from You Lord, because You are always taking with attention all my requests, my prayers and rejoicing in my praises raised with humility tonight.

For the glory, the whole heaven is Yours and there is no one more beautiful than You my God. To You the whole glory and honor for being the one who has governed my heart and softening my soul, for no matter how red our sins may be, Your grace is enough for us to go forward and make amends for all that is necessary.

Take this prayer my Father, as the most precious offering my heart holds. Drive away all harm that may disturb this great encounter and do not repair my being with this soil. If You will it, give me a new opportunity to dawn to follow You and take care of the people I love the most and are very important in my life, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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