Night Prayer for July 23

Beloved Lord, the end of the day is about to come with the presence of this night and I thank you for all that happened in the journey of this day. Thank you for preserving my life in health from the time I stood on my feet until now, for this day you gave me was very profitable. 

Tonight I have a heart that wants to praise You in truth, giving You all that I have for Your glory Lord, because You are more than good, blessed and praised be forever, because my thoughts and my strength are You dear Father. 

Do not allow evil to come near me Lord, drive away every danger, every evil intention of the enemy who wants to disturb my sleep and disturb my rest, I take refuge in your powerful right hand blessed God, to be preserved from evil by your precious blood.

Thank you holy Father, for the pleasant moments I shared, for the people who accompanied me and somehow instructed me on this day, taught me to be a better person in friendship, love and brotherhood, because I could enjoy your wonderful creation and know that you have prepared all this with much love for me.

I also thank you for the moments of sadness, those hard moments of difficulty where sometimes the storm seems to be bigger than your victory, but when I finish going through it, I see that it was not so big if we faced it together, with my faith in you.

Thank you, good God, because there is no heart that cannot be healed by You, no sin so red that You cannot make white more than the clouds of Your morning sky. 

I would like to give the lives of people who cannot sleep tonight because of their thoughts of loneliness, anger, resentment, guilt or fear. Grant them the possibility to regain the illusions and hopes they have lost and to trust again in You and in themselves.

Your faithfulness comforts me Lord, I lean on You with the full certainty that You will accompany me all night long and fulfill all my desires, if they are within Your plans. If it is your will, let the sun re-enter my window to follow you and love you once again Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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