Night Prayer for July 24

God of goodness and mercy, I return to You in this night that has come to settle in the firmament. I abandon myself in your arms to be able to have a full rest and thus, to be able to recover the strength that I left in the day’s journey. 

Tonight my Lord, I want you to know how happy I feel to be flooded in your love, that love that has covered all my room, thank you for being a Father concerned in giving details to his children, showing us how important we are to you and all the good that you want.

I would like to ask You for the people who are a fundamental part of my life, for my family and my friends. Thank you very much my Lord, for the company they give me, for the good they do me and all that they teach me to continue growing as a correct, more human, simpler person. 

Cover them with your mercy tonight and grant them a refreshing rest, I know how much they strive to work and accomplish their goals, I entrust them to you Lord, because you are what they constantly need in their lives, do not turn away from them, may they always have the desire to seek you.

Strengthen our unity, so that we may continue to overcome all the adversities that come our way, so that we may know how to be prudent in correcting ourselves, solve problems with much understanding and wisdom. Thank You that this fraternal love allows us to know You, to draw closer to You, to remain in Your presence and thus to learn to be like You.

Blessed God, thank you for the food that daily you do not allow to be missing on my table, because I have a welcoming home, where I feel protected when I return from work, for being present in all the moments of my life, beautiful Lord.

I place at your divine mercy, the lives of people who are not having a good time, who are going through really critical situations, illnesses, mistreatment, for those who are wrapped in melancholy and anxiety and have lost hope in their eyes. 

Adorable Father, give me the necessary strength not to stop your plans, to persevere in You. Watch over me while I sleep, keeping the enemy out of this room, take away all my worries and my fears please. Good night Lord in Jesus name, Amen.

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