Night Prayer for July 25

Precious Creator, one more night welcomes me to start this beautiful prayer and to cover every corner, every space of my room with your presence. Now I just want to rest to try to replenish all the strength I lost during the morning.

Thank you for placing your protective hand over me and all the activities I did. Because I was able to live very pleasant moments, surrounded by wonderful people, who love me well, for the moments I shared.

My Lord, thank you because you do not take into account neither our age, nor how we are physically, much less our sins to open your arms to us. Before closing my eyes, I would like to obtain your blessed forgiveness Father God, because I have committed acts that have not been to your liking and I have ended up hurting my brothers and You. 

I place in your hands, my dreams, my short and long term goals, all my worries and pains, so that you make them more bearable on my shoulders and thus, I can carry my cross with greater faith. Allow me to rest from all that torments me and hardens my heart, I want to replace everything that has been damaged inside me and walk again with you.

Thank you my God, for the union that you maintain in my home with my relatives, thank you for taking care of their integrity, because you allow them to return home free from danger and for the most part, you make our problems to be solved with you as the center of our lives. 

May we always remain united and, if any of them is going through some strong problem, may they be supported by us in love and fraternity. May we always be able to support each other regardless of our ways of thinking or interests, because the more we are united, the more the enemy does not have the facility to enter.

Take my fatigue, my weariness and help me to rest completely. Heal my heart of all guilt of all pain and remove all negative feelings that consume the mind to weaken me in faith. Be my strength Lord, and my comfort when things are not going well.I will continue to trust in You you are my way and my truth. I pray that You can give me a beautiful day full of light and lots of color in heaven, if it is within Your plans. Take good care of me Lord, in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, Amen.

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