Night Prayer for July 26

Father of my life, the night veil covers my whole room and I, I want to light a candle with my prayer. Thank You blessed Father, for allowing me to find myself one more time before giving my body to rest, because even silence and darkness become beautiful if You are in them.

I want to begin by asking your forgiveness, holy God, because perhaps I was too distracted and I could not finish the things that you appointed me, because my mistakes hurt some people, especially You. I would like to be able to sleep peacefully if I have your absolution Lord, if you embrace me in your grace to do things again, to do them really well.

I take refuge in You because You are the only reason for me to take happiness as a decision in my life, and not as an ephemeral moment. Thank You for staying with me until the end of the day. Help me to always be able to recognize with humility my unworthiness, that I am not perfect but that I can live in fullness if I truly do your will. 

Pour all your mercy throughout my room, my home and in the lives of the people who inhabit it. Watch over my home, my family and friends. Do not let anything harm them or let them be interrupted from their dreams by evil thoughts. 

I would like you to dispose of my life Lord, help me to be able to fall asleep quickly and not fall prey to the evil thoughts that the enemy sows, make of me what you really want. I want to be the son you need to serve daily with much love.

Taking advantage of the silence of the night, I would like to be able to listen to your sweet voice, O blessed Father, so that I may know how I really have to act to solve the problems that I carry daily, so that I may increase trust in You and so that You may be my holy physician.

Do not turn away when the storm comes, help me to feel your presence as a life preserver when the sea rages, drive away my fear and give me strength not to let me fall easily. When indecision looms, may faith increase in my merciful Father.

I rest in You precious Father, may Your grace be the mantle that covers my weary body and Your love the best pillow to rest my head free from evil thoughts. With all my heart, I wish for a precious dawn to place my hope again, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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