Night Prayer for July 27

God of infinite tenderness, night falls, lighting the first sparkles of your stars so that delicately, I may get closer to You and thus, be able to place my heart in your hands. Thank you for all the gifts you gave me with love and trust, because you gave me precious moments to enjoy and memorize indelibly in my life, for staying with me all day long, taking care of me.

From the solitude of my room, I would like to ask you to give me a rest where I can comfort my exhausted body and mind. Because the worries have worn me out too much today, more than the physical exertion, that is why I beg you to dispense everything that will not give me a full rest.

Wonderful God, thank You that in spite of all that happens daily, my faith is sustained in You, because You do not abandon me and You are so close to me, to give me a hand when I stumble. Thank you for the greatness of your goodness, because you make of the simple, something beautiful.

I would like to ask you on this occasion, to offer your help to all the people who for years have been living on the streets, because perhaps they have no money, have been abandoned or perhaps have no one. Come to their aid, perhaps they have no notion of your existence either, but after all, they are all your children and deserve to be happy, no matter how much misery they live in.

Thank you eternal God, because you have attentively watched over every step I have taken today, every action I have taken today, because your love was given at different times and with different people. I ask that in my home may always reign understanding, patience and love of service.

Teach us to do everything with love, from washing the dishes at home to volunteering. Take good care of all the members of my family. Give them also a full rest so that we can get up to do things better than before and thus continue to direct our lives along your paths of true light.

With much illusion I ask you to give me a new dawn, full of much love manifested in your presence and opportunities to serve again, to achieve all the purposes that I have planned, if everything is within your divine will.

Blessed Father, I raise this prayer with much confidence and humility, I hope that it will be heard and granted at the time that You consider adequate for my life. Help me to be able to rest in tranquility, free from disturbances and danger, I ask this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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