Night Prayer for July 28

Precious Creator, tonight as a symbol of my deepest gratitude, I come before you and on my knees, I offer you this prayer with much sincerity. Thank you for the blessing of sharing beautiful moments surrounded by people who love me very much and value me, because you drew smiles on my face when I felt your heavenly presence.

Tonight I thank you Lord, because you have not neglected me at any moment during this journey, because you also protected my family from all evil and now I have them here, accompanying me tonight. 

Merciful Father, I would not like to lay down my body without begging you to look at me with compassion for the sins I have committed today. Forgive me, blessed Father, for this time my weakness was greater than my prudence. 

God almighty Father, thank you because you always provide a place to be with my loved ones, because you give me a roof to protect me so I can sleep peacefully. Thank you for the physical well-being that you give us to be able to carry out all our activities with the certainty that you are with us all the time.

This precious night I would like to place in your hands the lives of the people who lead a community in different contexts, whether social, economic, religious, so that before all else you are the one who governs every part of their existence. Help them to act with empathy, to be always honest, transparent, to really seek a collective benefit and not their own, because this is also a service. 

Blessed Father, grant them much sensitivity and hope to the world, that they may not be discouraged or radical in a complicated moment. Help them to understand that You are the truth, the way and the life that we must follow. Do not forsake them my God, for we need You always.

Thank You again for everything that happened during the day, for the good and bad moments that I have been able to live, for the things that were out of my plans and for everything that went in my favor as well. Now I just want to dispose my whole body to a deep sleep, so I can wake up more renewed.

I trust completely in You my God, I know that You are by my side. Stay watching over my dreams and ideals blessed Father. If it is Your will, give me a radiant sunshine full of opportunities to serve and love You. I want to give myself to others as You do, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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