Night Prayer for July 29

God of love, I thank you because I have been able to feel your mysterious presence surrounding my entire room tonight. Thank you for all that I shared, lived and enjoyed today, you cannot imagine the joy that my heart has in knowing that you have been present all the hours of the day, until now.

I raise a praise to heaven, glory to You Lord, for Your infinite goodness, because You are faithful to Your promises, rich in wisdom and prudence. Let me not one day be ashamed to be your child or to sanctify your Name wherever I go.

Precious Lord, tonight I would like to ask you to grant me your forgiveness, I want to begin a life reconciled with you again. Give me the possibility to vindicate myself with the people who felt hurt. Take away from me, all that stagnates me and does not allow me to improve as a person. Cover me with your mercy, I wish to do things better than today.

Thank you blessed Father, because you bless us at all times, because you did not allow us to be in need, because we have been able to be together sharing a meal and we have enjoyed health, which has helped us to finish the activities entrusted to us.

Blessed are you always Heavenly Father, because you have taken us and brought us well to our homes. Before all this I only want to continue thanking you and I ask you to help me to always value each thing that you give me, each detail where the love that you have for me always flourishes.

Thank you Lord, because day and night you receive me with open arms. I ask you to help me to persevere in prayer, to let your voice always resound in my heart, to always remember who I really am and where I belong.

I feel so fortunate to enjoy this night in your majestic presence. I give you all my tiredness, along with my worries and all the dreams I have yet to fulfill, so that in your will, everything will come to fruition successfully.

Good night my God. Take all my prayers and consider them very much, pious Father. Now I am sure that You will grant me complete rest and repair all my strength. I lean on You in the hope of a very enlightened dawn, full of blessings, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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