Night Prayer for July 3

Precious Lord, tonight I feel enveloped in your presence and I would like to give you glory and gratitude for having completed a new day at your side. Thank you that you pour out your blessings on each of your children. Blessed are you Lord, for I have been supported by you all the way to my sweet home, without a scratch or exposed to the dangers that the world constantly offers.

Tonight, precious Lord, I want to praise You with all my life and my weariness, because You are the highest expression of love that can exist, because no man, no matter how much love he may manifest, has given himself to pain as much as You have, for me and for the whole world. 

I cannot go to rest, pious Father, without looking at my littleness and recognizing myself as a sinner. I ask your forgiveness, blessed God, for I have committed acts that are not worthy or good in your eyes.

Continue to envelop my life, protecting Father, and drive away every evil that disturbs my sleep. Let no thought of loneliness, unlovingness or evil come into my mind and prevent me from falling asleep in peace with you.

In my unworthiness, Lord, I am convinced that your goodness is immeasurable and that it crosses all the limits of the world’s logic. Help us to be able to accept your commandments, however difficult it may be for us to understand them, but may we always be certain that all that you do is for our common good, and that if we follow you, all things will go better.

Teach me to forgive, to be able to see the reason for the bad attitudes or the harm that some people do to me or to my brothers and sisters, so that I can be merciful and then support them. Only You know what each person hides in the deepest recesses of their hearts.

Thank you very much for all that you have given me today, Lord, for the work that I have and for the people who accompanied me today in this daytime journey. Help me to always be able to discern between what is really good for my soul.

My eyes are about to close from tiredness Lord, I abandon myself to your will to be able to have a rest where I can replenish the energy of my body and heal the wounds of my heart. I trust in You my God, good night, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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