Night Prayer for July 30

Dear God, tonight I would like to thank You for staying with me all the time, because the day is about to end and You are still here, trusting me again. Thank You for not leaving me alone, because You always look for different ways to motivate my spirit to do all that I have to do today.

Glorious are You forever Lord, You have no comparison, I want to exalt Your name everywhere so that it may be like a light in this dark night. I bring to You my prayer with much affection and humility because You alone are King, seated in the majesty of your heaven. 

Forgive all my faults Lord, gather my faults with your divine mercy and embrace me in your mercy. For without You, I have too much and too little, I do not do things with all my soul, without You my whole heart is empty. Let us become friends again in your brotherhood my God, grant me the power of your forgiveness tonight please.

Thank you gracious Lord, because my family is back home safe, because they are still together, you keep them healthy and take care of every step they take. Thank you for the good you do in their lives, for the work they have and for the good hearts within them.

Tonight, I ask you to preserve this union that we have, that through your graces we may become stronger and more constant. May we be able to carry your message with joy, to be a walking gospel inside our homes and outside of them. Be with us at all times Lord.

On my knees I beseech you, help me with the problem that impatient my soul: a serious illness, a big debt, couple or family problems. Give me the opportunity to take calmly all the situations, put them always in prayer and thus take the most assertive decisions that truly solve it. 

Thank you for all that I have experienced today, for the good and bad moments, because from each one of them I had much to learn, because you manifest yourself in the big and the small. Help me to always be able to recognize you.

In your hands I entrust my whole being, give me a restful rest, where my mind and body can wake up renewed. I will sleep with the confidence that I will have a beautiful dawn to conclude what I could not today and thus seek your will, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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