Night Prayer for July 31

Precious heavenly Father, the night has come again and while the silence outside is increasing, I kneel down to feel you in my prayer. Thank you my God, for all that I was able to live today. For the health that you lent me to carry out almost all my activities with tranquility.

Your company has remained all day long, thank you for enveloping me once again in your boundless love. I ask You to take away all negative feelings that keep me away from You and will not let me rest in peace, remove all the sadness and discouragement that constantly surrounds me in my thoughts.

May they find in You the calm they need and not easily despair. May they find in You everything they really need so that they can rest without so many worries.

Thank You for the health that You preserve in me, because You have taken good care of me throughout the day, because on different occasions You have allowed me to decide rightly in the face of some difficulty, because You enlightened every step I took on this road that sometimes turns out to be a little rocky.

But, if at some moment I offended you, forgive me Lord, do not consider my faults tonight blessed Father, do not take your holy spirit from me, sometimes the pain is stronger than I make mistakes that hurt you and make my brothers feel bad. Have mercy on this fragile heart that wants to be renewed.

Before I go to sleep I want to offer you all the difficult moments I went through, my mistakes, my sins, my regrets and afflictions, so that they may be converted into strengths and joys. I feel tired in body and mind, that is why I implore your calm for my rest.

Thank you again Lord for all the moments you gave me, for the good ones, that made me know that you have not gone away, that you are still with me supporting me in everything I need to not faint before the bitter moments, thank you for your blessings.

My Lord, I abandon myself blindly in your arms, listen to my supplications. If you will it, allow me to have an awakening full of the light of your creation, because the work is much and the workers are very few, I want to always do your will in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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