Night Prayer for July 4

Heavenly Father, another night has come into my life and I would not like to go to sleep without first being in your presence to thank you for this day full of learning and manifestations of love that you give me. Thank you, because I was able to enjoy this day, living many moments of joy, in the company of the people I love the most and who support me.

Tonight you have shown me that you do not leave me alone, thank you for having brought me home safely, without being exposed to the dangers of the street. And now, from the silence of my room and at your holy feet, I ask you to be the lord and master of my heart. 

The worries have exhausted me very much, in spite of this I thank you for all that you do in me, because you do not abandon me and you support me by always giving me a friendly hand. Thank you blessed Father, for the divine strength that you give to my life and for the hope that my future in your hands, is the best passport to full happiness.

Today I want to make a very special request. I would like you to see for those people who are blinded by guilt, submerged in depression or in some illness that is difficult to cure. Be the doctor who heals their bodies and souls Lord.

Thank you my Lord, because you were watching every step I took in all my activities of today’s exhausting journey and you took care of my family as well. Thank you, because through them I can feel your presence. Give us the ability to understand each other before making judgments so that we can solve all problems and always live in harmony.

Blessed Father, thank you very much for the joy you give me to be able to share one more day with them, because in spite of all the obstacles, we try to see the positive side so as not to break the bonds that keep us united.

May everything I have experienced always give me reasons to keep fighting and to continue giving all my love in every activity I do, whether it is big or small. Motivate my heart always my God, so as not to fall easily into temptation. Remove from this room, every evil thought that interrupts my rest and takes you out of my center of life.

Help me to achieve the desires of my heart and if You will it, my good Father, grant me a new dawn, where I can make things more and more pleasing to You and be the messenger of love that the world needs. Good night dear Redeemer, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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