Night Prayer for July 5

Majestic Lord, the day has ended in a wonderful sunset and today with the long hours of work upon me, I come to rest in your presence and to tell you that I feel very grateful because until now you have kept me in good health. Now I only want to remain in You, to have a very full rest and with a peaceful conscience.

Beautiful King, thank you for every moment I lived, for all the moments I can experience. Thank you because in each one of them, I have been able to rescue many teachings, which I would like to share with many people in the future. Thank you for the moments that made me smile and filled my heart with joy. For those that broke my heart and saddened my soul, which tonight make me reflect and contemplate you a little beyond the pain.

I cannot be at peace without first placing myself at your feet to ask your forgiveness. By your infinite mercy forgive my faults, blessed Father, I know that I have sinned against You and my brothers, because I hurt them in my pride, indifference or in my lack of patience. 

Thank you very much, Lord of my life, because you let me enjoy the company of my family and because today you gave them health. Thank you because every day you prove to be one of the greatest motivations I have in life to achieve my goals.

Tonight I ask you, dear God, to help me to be able to stay with them. May the joys enkindle our souls with your Spirit, and the complicated moments teach us to be strong. 

Tonight I want you to place in your hands all that I share with you with sincerity, all that has happened since the first ray of sunlight rose, until now, when night has fallen. 

Give me the certainty, Lord, that my prayer reaches all the spaces of heaven. Remove from me all evil thoughts from my mind and relieve all the heaviness of weariness from my body. Let me tonight surrender my life into your arms, so that you may fill me with grace and good cheer to begin tomorrow’s day.Pour many blessings on me and my loved ones tonight my God, protect my home, my dreams, my projects and take away the fears that keep me away from your gaze, all this I ask in the Holy name of Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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