Night Prayer for July 6

Almighty God, tonight I want to talk to you, Lord. I want to thank you for the moments you let me live, for the great day I spent with many activities, which although it is true they were exhausting, they were full of You. I want to abandon myself in your arms my good God, because I need to rest.

Thank you blessed God, for the moments I experienced, because in each one of them I was able to obtain several lessons that little by little I will keep to share them with others. Thank you for the joys and great moments of joy that took away the erroneous concept of thinking that sometimes you were a punishing God. Now I understand that this is not so, for You, Lord of my life, are love.

Tonight I turn to You with much shame in my heart to ask for your absolution, O Father. Forgive me Lord, for the evil deeds I committed, by your infinite goodness, erase my guilt please Lord, soften my heart and give firmness to my spirit, and in the solitude of this dark sky, I want to make a promise of renewal.

May the power of your grace give me back the fraternity that I broke with my sins, Lord, I want to be always close to You, holy Father, may these mistakes that I made, urge me to rise up with greater conviction. Through this prayer, may I become stronger in the midst of my weaknesses, I want to repay You with all that I have and with all that I am my God.

Take all my plans with great care and instruct me in what is right for me. Give me the opportunity, holy God, to be able to accomplish all that I have set as my personal goal, where I want You to be a witness and a participant in it all.

Beloved Lord, I pray for those people who are burdened by their worries, by their health or work problems, for those who have no stability in their homes and always live in a conflictive environment, so that You may return to dwell in their homes, especially in their hearts and find in You, the means to solve all adversity.

Give me the confidence, divine God, to never be afraid to surrender all of myself at your feet, from the most seemingly irrelevant to the most important and complicated. There is no better place to make myself available than to your lap, Lord of goodness.Thank you for allowing me to pray this prayer, for this opportunity that until the last moment of the day you continue to give me to be close to you. Please do not turn away, I need you. If it is your will, merciful Lord, give me a blessed dawn, where I can finish the pending promises and make things better. Good night Father, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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