Night Prayer for July 7

Lord of my heart, the sun has gone down and you have already lit the light of the stars to place my life at your disposal with this prayer. I feel fortunate to be able to end this day by your side, but I also feel very exhausted, beloved Father, but satisfied for having your presence. 

Thank you for the good moments that you have allowed me to live, those unique experiences that I share in new places with people who love me, where I can see your face in theirs, reminding me how important I am to you and how happy you can make me if I stay on your paths without deviating.

It is also important to thank You for the bad experiences I have had, those moments of uncertainty, worry, pain or emptiness that hurt my fragile heart and fill it with sadness. Help me to understand the background of these situations, the immense blessing that lies behind them.

And if it is very difficult for me to understand, help me to accept them at the moment Lord, to keep calm and not to advance my negative acts, dominated by my emotions. Teach me to carry my cross with faith and with great hope to see your immaculate face very soon Lord.

Blessed and praised are you forever beautiful God, because you do not look at the stain of our souls, you do not look at the mistakes we make daily, because despite this, you continue to welcome us with love and you continue to place your trust in each one of us. That is why, God of my heart, although sometimes I have no strength, I want to praise you with everything I have, everything is yours and you make everything new, Lord.

Tonight, beloved Father, I would like to ask you for those people who cannot sleep, tormented by their debts, their family problems, their relationship problems or perhaps because they cannot find a job.

Heal the wounds they may have and enliven their souls with your Holy Spirit, so that they may always seek you, not only when things are going badly, but also when everything is going wonderfully. May You be the center of their lives and may they take refuge in You and increase their faith so that Your promises may become works in our lives.

I give you my tiredness so that you may restore it and that through my sleep you may make me a new person, with the desire to love and to give everything for everything. Grant me a full rest, where I can contemplate You in my dreams and recover all the energy I have spent, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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