Night Prayer for July 8

Mighty Creator of all that exists, the night arrives and along with it my tiredness for the course of today’s day, but I do not want to close my eyes without first raising my prayer to your holy ears. Tonight helps me to reflect on all the experiences I had during the day, because every moment has a great value and meaning in my life.

I want my praise to shine brighter than the moon and the stars that you lit in your dark sky. For I owe everything to You, to the love You give me daily, to the compassion with Your creatures. Glory to You Lord, I want to exalt You because You are incomparable and confess that You are everything to me; my past, my present and future are always in Your hands, Lord.

Thank you heavenly Father, for the pleasant moments I lived, where you show me your company reflected in the gaze of my parents, in the embrace or in the word of encouragement from one of my brothers. Because you do not want to miss any detail to make my days unique and beautiful. 

I also thank you for the hard moments I had to live. It is difficult to accept them Lord, sometimes I do not understand them, but thank you for those bitter drinks that I went through, because sometimes the difficult people to deal with teach me to strengthen my patience and my character.

You, who are the best doctor in the universe, have mercy on my life Lord and come to my aid, for I need You. Forgive all my offenses, O generous Father, wash away with your mercy every stain that prevents me from having a full rest.

Thank you for bringing me safely home and allowing me to end my day in your presence. Thank you for taking care of my family’s return as well, You know very well how important they are to me. I ask You to continue to protect them, to help them to have a rest tonight where they can calm their thoughts and worries, they also need a lot from You, Lord.

Help us to always be grateful to You, to not let ourselves be carried away by indifference or self-sufficiency. For no matter how successful we may be in any part of the world, no man is greater than he who prostrates himself at your feet in humility.

Come and dwell once again in my home Lord, go through every corner of my house and the heart of each of my relatives, so that we do not lose sight of you and prayer is a fundamental link to keep us united. Tonight I abandon myself in your arms and if it is your will, grant me a beautiful dawn, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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