Night Prayer for July 9

Eternal and merciful Father, as this day comes to an end, I come to thank You for all that You have allowed me to experience today. I approach You through this humble prayer and I elevate all my prayers in the hope that they will be heard.

Thank You for having been my support in the situations that have escaped from my hands, since it has been very difficult for me to face them. Tonight I ask that your shadow cover me so that I can confidently surrender to rest, for you well know that I feel very exhausted, Lord.

That is why, in this last prayer of the day, I want to surrender my life to You and consecrate myself to You once again, blessed Father. I place in your hands all my tiredness, together with my dreams and my goals that I have not yet completed. 

Take everything that has hurt me today and remove it from this room. Paint my heart with joy, place more confidence and the necessary wisdom to dawn with much courage to want to do new things and improve those that were already done.

I ask your forgiveness my Lord, for the negative acts that offended my brothers today and hurt you. I promise to improve and to stop and think things over before acting. Saturate me with your mercy, Lord, I no longer want to be the same person, renew my spirit with your grace and make me a new person. I am willing to do better.

Thank you for taking care of my family and allowing them to return home safely. I place them at your feet so that you may mold their lives in such a way that they may have need of you daily, so that they may not grow weary of seeking you and may not flee before your calls. 

Watch over my dreams, Lord and wrap your loving arms around my home, my family, my friends and my life. Save us from the enemy or any thought that would disturb us tonight. Watch over our dreams, dear Father, lead us to your ways.

Thank you for so many details Lord. Stay with me, I feel good to be in your presence. And if it is in your plans to grant me a new day, help me to make the most of it for your glory, wonderful Lord. Good night, in Jesus Christ’s holy name, Amen.

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