Prayer for a rebellious son

Loving Father, I am so grateful for all your love, and all your blessings. I also thank you for my family. I feel blessed to call myself your son, God. Thank you for showing your love and compassion every day.

In this humble prayer, I want to pray for my son, that you may touch his noble heart, soul, and body. He has become rebellious and will not listen to my advice. He’s locked himself in his world and I find it hard to deal with him.

Nothing is out of your reach, dear Lord, you are a marvelous Father and your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a loving son. Please help my son to listen to reason, to think wisely, and to leave his pride behind and accept my advice. Help him, blessed Lord, to acknowledge that he needs a guide to keep him on the right track.

Merciful Lord, please touch his heart, so that I may get close and for him to see that I only want what is best for him and his future. I want him to be a good person, a person of value both for himself and this society.

Merciful God, I pray that you will always be at his side, especially in times like these where it is so difficult for us both. Help him find his path, guide him to make the right choices, and that he may give some thought to how he is behaving and become his old self again.

Help him, blessed Lord, to distance himself from false friends, that wish to ruin him because they only want to have fun and do not care to do good. Distance him from temptations along the way, helps him to remember the guidelines we taught him. Help him return to You, wonderful Father. Nothing is more helpful than for him to return to You and walk hand in hand.

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Eternal God, I need the strength and character to set boundaries for my son. To be firm and make him see that he is not acting correctly. Help me to speak firmly to him, and at the same time, that he may not doubt my love for him. Help me to get close to my son, and to know what to say, and to say what he is wanting to hear from me, and know at the same time, that he can trust and lean on me.

God, please do not allow him to grow apart, nor to be separated from you forever by those around him. Do not allow him to grow apart from You in such a way that he may not find his way back. Help us, Lord. May he recognize his foolishness and I, on the other hand, make the right decisions. Help us to grow close to each other as father and son, my Lord.

I pray that we may strengthen our bond and that the love we feel for each other, maybe stronger than everything else that now keeps us apart, my blessed Lord. May the pride that blinds us, be willing to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Please, help us to love each other, and help us to understand and have feelings for the way the other person thinks.

I pray with all my heart, loving Father, that you may show me the path to follow. I do not know all the answers to so many questions Lord, I am only a parent who loves his son and does not want to see him lost in defiance. I am a parent who would be willing to give his son everything. I pray God, that you show the way, help me to help my son.

I want to be the friend that my son needs. I want to be the person he looks for when in doubt, fear, or when he simply wants to cry. I want to be a constant and unconditional support. Do not allow for the use of technology, the wrong friends or any vice, separate my son from my life.

I pray to have the strength to keep fighting for my son, my dear God. I beg that you show him the way back to me so that he does not keep growing apart from his family, and those who love him best because darkness surrounds him. I pray for all of this, Lord, and await your divine will, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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