Prayer for lift your spirits

Loving Father, I feel the need each day, to grow close to You, and thank you for the countless blessings you pour on my head, home, the bed I sleep on, family, and friends. Thank you for the wonderful people you place in my life, and thank you for everything else as well, Lord.

I am thankful Father, for the friends you have given me because they are my brothers. They have upheld me in my worst moments and have also given me joy. They are by my side when things go wrong and show me their constant support.

Thank you, Lord, for the circumstances you allow in my life, and for those you do not, because I am certain they are all part of your sacred plan, and that the good and bad that happens in my life, is part of your divine purpose.

Nevertheless, my Lord, when these moments occur, no friend can lift my spirits, nor calm, comfort, or be my support. I cry out my Lord because I do not doubt that you are the only one who can give me what my soul needs in moments like these.

I feel weak and sad, and discouragement is getting the better part of me. I feel lost in this world, Lord, with no set course or constant backing. But I know that you will never leave me, I know you are by my side in moments like these when the spirit is low.

Do not allow for things to lose their meaning in my life, Lord. You do not want to see me sad, so do not allow me to lose my smile and sense of humor. You want to see me happy and for life to smile at me. Today I pray, holy God, you lift me and help me to face life with enthusiasm because even though there are problems, you are the rock my family leans on.

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Feeling sad is normal, I know, Lord. Help me not to remain so. Do not allow for my grief to get the better of me and rid me of the will power to continue with my activities. It is hard sometimes to smile when enduring adversity, but I know that if I take hold of your hand, everything becomes easier.

I know that all the tests and trials in my life are to strengthen me as a person, as your son. Nevertheless, in moments such as these, it is difficult for me to remember this, Father. I wobble and lose sight of this goal. Be my strength and balance, Lord. Help me to remember that just being alive is a blessing, because your love upholds me wherever I go.

Help me to overcome this situation, Holy Father, because only You have the power to break the chains of self-destruction. Only You are capable of defeating fright, pain, and suffering. Help me to enhance my will power, Dear Lord. Lift me and give me enough strength to continue walking against adversity.

Help me, blessed Lord, for my faith not to fail me in moments such as these. Help me to be strong and face my problems, difficulties, and tests, and that I may not get discouraged when negative situations happen in my life; much to the contrary, that I may have the urge to move on in life and regain my energy.

Help me, Father, not to forget You, nor your holy plan. Help me Lord to trust you, and that I may be faithful to your Word and your promises. Do not allow for discouragement to cloud my happiness in life.

Holy Father, in moments such as these, help me to remember my purpose in this world. Help me to persevere, and not faint, I beg you Dear God. May lively spirits return and fill my days. Look after me, protect me, and bless me, God, in the holy name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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