Prayer for the job of my children

Blessed and loving Lord, I offer this humble prayer with the sincere intention of thanking you for each one of your favors, blessings, and miracles in my life and the pleasure of the beautiful family, and kids that can today support themselves.

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Thank you for allowing me to provide the necessary education and instruction for them to reach their aims and fulfill their goals. Today, Almighty Lord, I pray that you continue to bless my children in the long path to success and to be by their side and guide them to make the right decisions.

Allow them to continue, efficiently and effectively, in the jobs that they got with effort and dedication. May they become useful people in their firms, and willing to offer their help, to whoever needs it.

O wonderful God, please bless each of their jobs, and that they may live up to your principles and values, and may they not turn against their morale and dignity. May they always be ready to do what is good and strive towards their personal and professional success.

Merciful Lord, do not allow for their duties to be tainted due to other peoples’ problems, and that bad people and their intention may not harm or damage their work, allow for them to carry themselves correctly and be useful in their areas of expertise.

Allow my children to outshine, to show their skills and gifts that you have given them Lord. Help them to be humble and helpful and that they may be an example to the rest of their companions. May they always place your values above all temptation so as not to be unlawful or dishonest.

Blessed Lord, in this prayer, I not only pray for my children, but also for everyone that is starting their working career, for you to give them wisdom and for them to know what jobs to pick, and that they may daily perform their work effectively and to the best of their abilities, and for them to be always in good spirits.

Help them Loving God, so that they may work in a pleasant working environment, and that their bosses and authorities may treat them amiable and with respect, and that each day may be a new beginning to show how skillful they are in helping their employers to succeed.

I pray earnestly, my God, that you may help them to be humble, and no matter how high their position is may they never forget how and when they started, nor their background, neither the sacrifices that we have made as parents for them, so that they may have a brighter future.

May they always use their position for the good of others, that they may help the less fortunate and those that are searching for better working opportunities. Help them not to be stingy or ambitious, and that they may always want to improve and grow on their own.

Bless them, Lord, so that your light may guide each one of their steps and decision Bless them, Lord, that they be enthusiastic and pull ahead. Give them good health and help them to reach their working place without a mishap, so that they can develop their career and make use of their abilities.

Lord, I offer this prayer in my love for you, for my children’s’ sake and that of their work. Guide them and teach them the path to follow. May the path be one of hard work and one of reward for the good works. Give them your advice so that they may always guide themselves according, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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