Prayer to bless my job

Amazing and magnificent Lord, I want to start my prayer today by being deeply grateful for my life, family, health, and because there is always a plate of food on my table. Above all, I want to thank you for providing me with a job, loving Lord.

I want to thank you because I have an income and I can earn honest money.

Thank you because although the job is not an important one, it is an honest one, and it provides for my family for we lack anything. Thank you, Lord, because you inspire me to carry out my tasks each day the best way possible, even though sometimes it is exhausting. I want to thank you because, without this job, my life would not be the same, blessed Lord.

How wonderful it is to wake up every morning knowing that you look after me and bless my job, Lord. You always know what I need. You knew I needed a job, and you provided me with one, my God, that is why I trust you completely knowing that you bless every day and that you are by my side in each task I carry out.

I want to ask you, Almighty God, to help me carry out each task given with happiness and enthusiasm. If I ever fail to carry out the task given, please send your Holy Spirit to enlighten me and show me the way.

Please clarify and guide my ideas. Enlighten me to be efficient, so that the outcome of my work will provide the best results for me, my workplace, and working companions. May each task be a pleasant offering to You, blessed Lord.

Help me to use the gifts you have given me wisely. Help me to work with honesty and fairness, and that greed will not blind me. Help me, merciful Lord, to face ceaseless difficulties, my bosses’ unfair treatment, quarrels among my companions, and the long tiresome workdays.

Only You, Lord, know what is going on, and only You alone can give me the peace I need in my workplace. Help me to meet and overcome difficult situations and teach me as well to recognize any abusive or unjust intentions.

Dear Father, loving Lord, I pray you are my fortress and refuge. May your Word comfort me and help me move forward when my mind and body are tired. I pray for peace, serenity, and hope, and please renew my spirit of work and quench my thirst for eternal life.

Loving Lord, I ask for wisdom to carry out my work skillfully and proficiently. Guide me and keep me from danger and accidents. Help me to be patient with my fellow workers and to work wholeheartedly. Help me to be organized and responsible, and to carry out each task lovingly in the same way your Son did in the workshop in Nazareth. May he be my example and guide, and may I be conscious of his presence, every time calamity appears, and I lack the strength to carry on.

My prayer, loving God, is to ask you to help me have a clear and unbiased understanding of my job and to help me to become proactive and achieve the tasks given. Help me to meet my employee’s expectations. If, on the other hand, I am working to fulfill my dreams, help me to feel proud of my efforts, with your help. I place my job in your hands to bless, and may I support myself and family with honest work.

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Lord, bless my work and every aspect of my life and bless my mind, my thoughts, hands, and working gear. Lord, may you place your hands in a way that your grace covers everything, allowing for my work to be carried out under your saintly and perfect will.

I aim to be a person of principles at work and allow your blessings to unfold in my life. I promise to be enthusiastic and lift myself when everything seems lost, for I know You never give us what we cannot handle. If there is something we do not understand, You teach and inspire us, my Lord. I know you have great plans for my life and that they will be carried out in your perfect timing, that is why I trust You, and leave everything in your hands, my Lord.

I thank you for listening to my prayer, for everything we do, have done and will keep doing in my life. Thank you because you have never left me alone and never will. I love you infinitely, dear Father, and I place everything in your hand, saying: Glory to the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, as it was at the beginning, now and forever, and for the centuries to come, Amen.

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  1. Amado padre, gracias por tus grandezas, obras y maravillas en mi vida, gracias por mi matrimonio restaurado, mi hogar, mis hijos, gracias por cuidar, amar y bendecir a cada miembro de mi familia, te amo mi Dios padre, hijo y espíritu santo. amen


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