Prayer to God for the forgiveness for my sins

Oh kind and eternal God, Almighty Lord, I come to you today because I believe in Your presence, I believe in Your love and you Holy Mercy. I believe that You guide me and be by my side every day. I know you know how I feel, think, act, because there is nothing, we can hide from You, Lord. You know it all and know the times we act guided by your divine teachings, as you know every time we fall, we have been weak or have failed you, Lord.

These are the reasons why I ask for your forgiveness on this day, Father, and with a contrite heart, I return to You and ask you to forgive all my faults, and the sin that has not only harmed me but those around me and above all, You, my wonderful God. I acknowledge that I am weak, loving Lord and that my will power is not enough to prevent falling under temptation and yielding to the enemies’ instigations.

I acknowledge, Lord, that I have not stood firm, that I have easily fallen and sinned, and although I know that You know everything about me, today I wish to accept my blame, because I need to ask for your forgiveness with clarity of consciousness for having done wrong not only in deeds but also in thought and lack of response.

Forgive me, beloved Lord, for every time that I have failed, for all those missteps that I promised I would not repeat, and I did time after time. Forgive me, Holy Father, for the lies I have said and for my ill thoughts. Forgive me for hating, feeling envious, bitterness, and jealousy when others were blessed, and for those deep feelings that are not worthy of You, O Precious and Blessed Lord.

I also ask You to forgive me, my God, for all the grief and pain I have caused both in words and acts. For the wounds, I have caused in my family, friends, couple, and even my children. Forgive me please, Father God, for not being an example to others. I feel so minute and miserable, that I can only accept my faults, Lord, and look up to Heaven above, acknowledging that having grown apart from You, has been the cause of my sins.

Forgive me, Lord, for having been a disappointment, for allowing my temper to be in control, for making the same mistakes time after time. Today I come before You to plea for your mercy, Lord, because I know that your love is limitless because I know that you are the only one who can help me change my life, and lead me along the path of righteousness and blessings.

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Forgive me for having failed Your name and commandments. Forgive me if my behavior was a show of my lack of love for you, yet know I want to say, Lord, that I love you with all my heart, that I truly repent and want to change. I want you to give me a new opportunity to move forward because I know you are a merciful and just God.

I know You keep a place for those who repent, and that is why I come before You with everything that I am and have, with no masks or screens, for I accept I am a sinner, yet I know that in your infinite mercy, I will be restored in You. I know that You do not let go of my hand, nor will you, and that your Right hand will lift me.

That is why, dear Father, I presently pray that you help me to move on, that you provide me with the necessary strength to avoid falling into temptation, and if this were inevitable, may you help me fight with all my heart to avoid these situations. Guide me to reach your grace, following along the path of righteousness and sanctity, because I believe in You and your love that makes all things possible. I know that with your help I will become the person You want me to be.

I place my will power in your wonderful hands, Father, for You to decide the course I should take. Help me see the enemy’s trickeries. Help me to identify right from wrong in every aspect of my life, family, friends, work, school, surroundings, and in every situation.

I am convinced that you hear my prayers and are always aware of my pleas. I pray you do not push me aside from your loving hands, nor ever let go of me, Father, because without You, I am lost amid grief, sin, and desolation. I thank you because you listen to me, and I thank you because you forgive me and because You know that I have truly repented.

Thank you, Lord, for your limitless mercy, and because You make all thing new. Thank you for loving me regardless of my weaknesses and sins. Thank you, Loving God, for receiving this new heart, that wants to love and adore you once again, daily, in the perfect name of Jesus, Amen. 

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