Healing prayer

Blessed and beloved Lord, today I approach You in prayer to place my needs, the illness that affects my life, the pain which does not allow me to continue,  and even the grief and wounds that do not allow me to push forward in my life, in your hands. Today I am going to pray for my life, and I am going to ask you, God of my life, that

Prayer for financial breakthrough

Beloved God, our Father, and Lord, I raise my eyes to heaven and seek sincerely and wholehearted to be near You with all that I am and have, to plead with all my might, for your help to overcome the economic difficulties I am going through. Lord, You are the only one that knows everything about me Father, there is nothing we can hide from you, and I know, you

Praying for the family

Dear and merciful Lord, I pray today knowing that you always hear me and are attentive to my pleas. That is why, precious Lord, I stand before you today with an open heart so that your holy presence will fill my life and that of my family.  On this occasion, loving Father, I come to place each member of my family in your holy hands. I ask you to take

Prayer to bless a home

Gracious Lord, once again, I turn to you with the intention that you will listen to my pleas. Only You know what is going on in my life, my family, and home. The reason I open my lips now is to ask you, with all my heart, that you may enter my home and bless it with your powerful hands. May you dwell in it, occupy each corner, and your

Prayer of gratitude to God

Precious and beloved Lord, today I want to come close to You, not to ask for my needs, which you already know about, but to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being You, my good and merciful God. To thank you for being so kind, for providing me with the gift of life, for every days’ blessings, and because you always give me new reasons to smile.

Prayer to God for the forgiveness for my sins

Oh kind and eternal God, Almighty Lord, I come to you today because I believe in Your presence, I believe in Your love and you Holy Mercy. I believe that You guide me and be by my side every day. I know you know how I feel, think, act, because there is nothing, we can hide from You, Lord. You know it all and know the times we act guided

Morning Prayer for January 13

Beautiful Lord, I thank you for each sunrise that you give me. Thank you because my eyes are open and because my body is about to get up to start a new day. Thank you because you have the beautiful detail of allowing me to share the days with the people I love the most. I am filled with joy knowing that I am your son and that you bless

Morning Prayer for January 12

This morning, Almighty Father, my eyes were open and my lips wanted to pronounce your name. I wake up with great joy to know that, very early in the day, you fill me with blessings. Lord, you make my life a miracle. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to achieve my dreams and wishes.  I want to thank you for all the good that you have done for me.

Morning Prayer for January 11

Lord of love, the sun that appears in the sky shows me that the day begins for me. Thank you for blessing me again with a morning full of challenges and challenges. Thank you for allowing my body to replenish its energies and for allowing me to begin the day in the best way possible. Blessed God, I want to offer you my life and the life of my family

Night prayer for January 3

My blessed Father, the night has returned, he accompanies us and, from the side of my bed. I raise a prayer of gratitude for all the moments that you allowed me to experience. Thank you because I have reached the end of the day with health and well-being and because now I am about to get a rest that allows me to regain my strength to have a new awakening.

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